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About Me

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Hi, I'm Eldon Kao

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I love to travel but not always to the beach. I have a natural curiosity which drives me to explore new cultures and venture into new landscapes. I'm interested in all aspects of design (from UX/UI to industrial), food, books (particularly non-fiction), writing, digital art, and basketball. 

I love to learn about how things work and what motivates people to succeed.


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About Me

I spent many years after graduating working in a Quality Control and Quality Assurance capacity in the Pharmaceutical Industry. During this time, I developed a technical knowledge in Six Sigma and the impact of the production equipment train and environment on the final product. No matter what my role, I was always interested in how I could affect change and improve on my own output without compromising on quality. With this ambition, I found myself specializing in Lean after leading multiple teams and continuous improvement projects to a successful completion.

I love building teams and leading change. I found that working together with talented people, I can help challenge the status quo and support process improvement initiatives that have lasting impact on work culture and the organization.

Whether it be my profession or personal hobbies, I am always a student. I collect industry news and trends and share them here or via social media.  

About This Website

@WORK - I want to create original, interesting, and engaging content related to Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement. It's not so much about textbook execution as it is about real-world challenges and applications. Here you will find a mix of personal accounts, quick tips I've collected, and evaluation of case studies from around the world.
I hope to share in my journey in Lean and hope you will join me. 
You can also get to know me through my personal blog page, @PLAY.